Conservation Practices

Here you will find articles highlighting specific conservations practices found on NRCS’ Field Office Technical Guides (eFOTG).

Section IV of the eFOTG defines Conservation Practice Standards and Specifications.  Practice Standards define the practice and where it applies. Practice specifications are detailed requirements for installing the practice.

The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture’s Soil and Water Conservation website, “Water Sustainability” hosts the newsletter “Conservation Corner” which provides descriptive, informative, and practical articles about individual eFOTG Conservation Practices.  Thanks to the information sharing partnership of the Southern Extension and Research Activity (SERA) You will be able to find many of those articles here too.

Cover Crops

Conservation Cover

Deep Tillage

Riparian Herbaceous Cover

Riparian Forest Buffers

Conservation Crop Rotation

Wetland Enhancement

Irrigation Land-Leveling

Scheduling Irrigation Using Atmometers

Tailwater Recovery

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