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Confluence is an electronic newsletter co-produced by the University of Arkansas, University of Wisconsin, and a consortium of twelve Land- Grant Universities in states along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.   The goal of Confluence is to bring you research-based, unbiased information on agricultural practices and efforts to reduce nutrient losses from agriculture to the Gulf of Mexico.

We will also work with the Mississippi River Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Task Force (Hypoxia Task Force) and other partners to provide the latest information on the status of hypoxia, nutrient reductions, conservation programs and other efforts and activities related to addressing nutrient reduction to the Gulf. Production of the newsletter is funded through the generous support of USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Confluence is most often defined as the merging of rivers, but its definition has often been broadened to mean the act or process of merging or converging.  In our case, the name Confluence was chosen to symbolize the converging of institutions and organizations around protecting natural resources in the smallest northern tributary streams all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, while continuing to provide research-based support to the safest, most productive and efficient agricultural system in the world.

Land-Grant administrators responsible for the Agricultural Experiment Stations and Extension programs in the twelve participating states have already entered into a Non-funded Cooperative Agreement with the Hypoxia Task Force to facilitate sharing of research, outreach, and management expertise.  In addition, the twelve Land-Grant Universities from the respective states are in the process of formalizing a geographically-targeted and issue-focused workgroup of agricultural researchers and extension specialists to help address nutrient losses from agriculture lands.

In Confluence, you will see updates from the Hypoxia Task Force, land-grant universities, USDA, state agencies, local conservation districts and others as we strive to keep you informed of all nutrient-related issues from the twelve-state region along the Ohio and Mississippi River corridors.

Confluence will be delivered regularly via email using Constant Contact.  If you think this information would be useful to other professionals you work with, please forward it on.  They can sign-up using the easy instructions provided below.

And because this newsletter is for you, please consider submitting articles as a way of sharing success stories, outreach programs, or research findings that will move conservation forward in the Mississippi and Ohio River corridors.  We also invite you to submit questions, comments and any announcements of conservation-related events. Submissions can be made to either Mike Daniels  or Rebecca Power .   Through our confluence, we can make a difference in our efforts to feed the world while ensuring plentiful natural resources for future generations.

Sincerely, your Co-Editors

Mike Daniels, Ph.D.
Professor, Extension Water Quality
University of Arkansas
Division of Agriculture
Rebecca Power
Director, North Central Region
Water Network
University of Wisconsin


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